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The em•powered community is a place where we can all grow toward being the best versions of ourselves. We must follow each of our values fully and wholeheartedly, our ethos manifest, to make the world a better place.

The em•powered workouts are consciously created and curated from a variety of modalities designed to be fun, challenging, and give you exactly what you need at that moment.

Each workout combines qigong, martial arts, dance, HIIT, strength, power, heart-beating cardio, and core-specific training. All workouts will support your ethos by moving your body and nurturing your mind. You will get in touch and connected with your physical core and when you do this, magic happens.

Shawna and friend powering down by doing yoga
Shawna and friend powering up by exercising

Power•Down Videos

Some days require that you pause, take a breath and reconnect. Your Ethos Manifest will be what grounds you.

Power•Up Videos

Some days call for sweating it out and getting fired up. Your Ethos Manifest will be what fuels you.

This is our community...a community where everyBODY is welcomed, celebrated and empowered.

- shawna